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No two people can be exactly alike, but it important to have enough commonality that your lives can work together without being highly conflictual or one in which you will be trying to make your partner change.

Sagittarius dating gemini man

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The other (Sagittarius) has far-reaching sight and seeks to live an inspired philosophy.When they meet, sparks fly, since each brings an encyclopedic knowledge of life.

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Gemini is a nervous sign, and both have a restless edge that has them looking for the next thrill.

Neither wants to live in an echo chamber of agreeing on everything, but also need support for the constant mental questing.

Gemini and Sagittarius are a polarity, which means they're opposite signs of the Zodiac. One is a translator (Gemini) and mercurial type that loves word play.

Life for Gemini is all about the experience and living in the moment, although she may appear to live in the future at times.

Sagittarius loves adventure, and he's picked the right partner in a Gemini; hers is one sign that thrives on challenges and change.