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Ruby amqp updating client properties

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Instrumentation is automatic for supported versions of Bunny AMQP, and requires no additional configuration.One way to increase responsiveness of web applications is to delegate work to background processes.Recently I updated the service to use the new Akamai CCU REST API.

This post uses a case study to showcase how a message-oriented middleware with Advanced Messaging Queuing Protocol (AMQP) can enhance a Representational State Transfer (REST) architecture and enable asynchronous communication.

A proposed solution would have to adhere to the following constraints: A central pub-sub mechanism would suffice the first two constraints.

Client apps would be able to subscribe to certain types of updates without the master data apps needing to know which apps are subscribed.

Aside from connecting all the apps via REST the additional technological challenge is keeping the client apps updated when master data changes.

A great example of this is when current orders have to be canceled because a customer hasn't been able to fulfill long due payment deadlines on past orders.