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Dynamic software updating ksplice

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On Oracle Solaris 10, Live Upgrade must be manually invoked and of, in addition, running on UFS, significant planning including potentially disk reformatting may be required to achieve Live Upgrade storage requirements.

Vaughan-Nichols of ZDNet alerted us that Linux 4.0 will provide support for “no-reboot patching.” The gist: When a security patch or other critical OS update comes out, you can apply it .

Well, overwriting the memory of the current kernel while it's still running can cause potential issues.

It also expects hardware devices to be in a well-defined state which isn't always possible.

The following steps describe how to mirror packages from selected channels on the Unbreakable Linux Network and make them available from a local yum server.

You can create and host i386, x86_64, and ia64 repositories on the same server. The initial synchronisation will be triggered automatically overnight by the configured cronjob (unless manually disabled).

As part of the kernel's functionality, device drivers control the hardware; "mainlined" device drivers are also meant to be very stable.While rebootless patching is convenient for everyone, it’s a game changer for some applications.For example, web and cloud hosting services normally require customers to experience some downtime while the OS infrastructure is upgraded; with rebootless patching, upgrades happen seamlessly.This is a loaded question because I'm already aware of, and am very interested in ksplice. SE that states: which is non-free) and now want to generate and apply updates. Are there any scripts out there to automate the process?The problem is that since they were bought by Oracle, they have been forced to pull numerous server distributions from the offerings. Moreover, if all the machinery required for rebootless upgrades is sitting there in the kernel (and Quite recently k Graft was announced.For Oracle Solaris 11 all system changes are made by updating packages and because of the automatic dependency checking, before actually updating packages, the administrator will see the entire set of packages impacted by updating.