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Asp net page not validating

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see following code: When you set checkbox and click on button, requiredfieldvalidator is disabled on server side and Page. Causes Validation Property: For validation check(Mostly used to bypass validation on cancel button). Enabled property of Validator Controls: To configure both side validation. Enable Client Script property of Validator control: To configure client side validation only.Suppose you have to disable all validators of a validation group.The above Action Filter does more or less the same job as the code at the beginning of this article.The problem is that Model State only contains the properties of the Model that were POSTed to the server and handled by the MVC Model Binder. NET MVC applications your GET "View" is likely to be more complex than your POST "command" - perhaps you have a few Great, now if Model State is invalid, we can rebuild the model and then pass it back to the View.Now on server side button click, if you validate and check for is Valid, it is always false and you will see error message in validationsummary even if checkbox is checked.Client side bypasses validation but on server side it’s stucked and our object is defeated.controls) built with MVC on the same page as webforms widgets.

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you need to disable password’s requiredfield validator on checkbox true, then validate and check Page. Alternatively, you can override Validate method and enable/disable validator in the method.

This is nice for my team since we have probably 20 custom widgets built using webforms that work well.

We can create new functionality using MVC, whilst not breaking anything that currently works flawlessly.

I was making my first foray into Microsoft's ASP MVC when I hit a wall. IIS kept giving me 404 errors whenever I tried to link to an action.

It appeared to be treating the url as an actual URL and not an MVC route..whatever the proper name for it is.