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Accommodating diversity for active participation in european elections

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The Congress and youth participation In view of the apparent disengagement of young people from conventional political participation in recent years, the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe has been taking a closer look at the issue of youth participation.

Its work over the past five years has concluded that, contrary to popular belief, young people are still committed to participating in society, however they are engaging differently in a society in which they feel marginalised from the political process.

Lectures and seminars in English on a variety of topics concerning social, political and economic issues will be provided by the professors of the participating universities.

Special seminars and meetings with top-qualified practiciones are part of the programme, as well as visits to governmental and NGO institutions and enterprises.

The same is true for foreign citizens in CA, JP, TU and US.

In the US in 2013, that's 21.9 million people disenfranchised or around 7% of the total population and around 10% of the population in states like CA (4.8 million), TX (2.9), NY (1.9), FL (1.7), NJ, DC, MD, AZ and NV.

Jean-Marie Le Pen was an easy target for the left, and for establishment figures such as Chirac.

This electoral strategy effectively isolated Le Pen’s Front National (FN), depicting it as a cancerous force in the French body politic.

Two weeks later, on 5 May, Chirac won the election with an astronomical 82% of the vote, trouncing Le Pen by the biggest margin in a French presidential election since 1848.

The Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe is inviting one young person per member State to come to Strasbourg to take an active part in its 32nd and 33rd sessions and develop their own grass-roots project back home as part of the Congress’ initiative “Rejuvenating politics”.

BACKGROUND The Council of Europe and young people The Council of Europe wants to encourage more young people to get actively involved in strengthening civil society in Europe and to defend the values of human rights, cultural diversity and social cohesion.